What Blows Your Hair Back?

Somewhere, someone is always doing something that just blows your hair back.

Maybe someone took your share, wasted an opportunity, cut in line, invaded your space, bullied you, set a deadline you weren’t expecting, shared news you didn’t know about, disrespected your mother, gossiped about you, misinterpreted what you said, didn’t offer you an opportunity, promised you a shortcut that never materialized, gave something away you felt you should have been given; in other words, whatever.

Whichever of these blows your mind, each one provides a chance for you to choose the way you respond. You can either respond in kind and go on the attack, which a lot of people in the current environment of seek and destroy choose to do.

You can respond passive aggressively, by flying beneath the radar and waiting for an opportunity to respond anonymously, which the majority of people in the current environment of seek and destroy choose to do.

Or, you can choose to respond by understanding this fundamental principle about us humans.

We really notice the things we care about and generally ignore the things we don’t. I can’t help but wonder if we changed what we cared about, would it change what we noticed and in turn, changed how we chose to respond?

Even more intriguing, would it simplify our lives by adding to the things we ignored because they weren’t worth noticing?

Truth Be Told, I’ve personally found that it does.

Published by The Leadership Consortium

Maxie Carpenter was formerly Vice President of HR & Talent Development for Wal-Mart Stores. After a 27-year career, he began to pursue a number of other interests, which included alternative education, nonprofits, consulting, writing and public speaking.

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