The Power of Failure

It’s been interesting to watch this new generation of young people interact with an environment they’ve never experienced before. For the most part, those of us from past generations (at least after the Great Depression) have never witnessed such an environment either. Personally, I’ve learned much more in the later stages of this wonderful life than in the earlier, because I’ve experienced more failures as a result of these challenging times.

With that being said, let me encourage all of us to embrace crisis and failure as what they’ve always been; powerful opportunities to learn and become stronger and better than we were before.

Let us all appreciate the value of failure by understanding that we can’t be successful without it, because success is based on the ability to fail and continue to bounce back.

Let us not take failure personally because to say one has failed is quite different from saying one is a failure. If taken too personally, it is difficult to make improvements.

Let us use failure as a learning experience by practicing self-forgiveness and refrain from dwelling too long on the negative consequences. It’s quite alright to fall down and then begin learning again on the way to getting up.

Let us not give up and let us not let those we’re responsible for give up.

Truth Be Told, let us embrace each failure as an opportunity to move one step closer to reaching our inevitable potential!