Stay in the Convoy!

These are difficult times!

Every cultural institution any of us is a member of, either by choice or by birth, is under attack! Family, church, business, government; local, regional, state, national, or international, it matters not!

The leadership of any of these institutions bears the greatest burden of proof, especially in a hostile environment that brings out the very worst of human nature; the tendency to criticize, demean, humiliate and destroy. When in crisis such as all leaders face eventually, most tend to isolate themselves, and in so doing become immobile and eventually fail or die away. Regardless of institution, this is exactly what the enemy wants.

If you’ve ever driven long distances to anywhere, you’ll always encounter countless numbers of long-haul truck drivers in what we all know as 18-wheelers. Have you ever noticed that they commonly stay in a convoy, where there are several of them driving together in one unbroken line? For most drivers, all we experience is frustration and anxiety that we can’t get around them to our destination. For those of us with really good imaginations, we even consider that they’re laughing at our frustration and are intentionally keeping us hostage to the highway.

Let us consider another possibility, which is that they stay in a convoy to support, protect, and enable each and every one of them to reach their destination safely with their cargo intact. Is that not what all of us really want regardless of where we’re at or where we’re going?

Truth Be Told, have you noticed how they always share the burden of leading the convoy?