Visionary Leadership.

I had lunch today with an individual that I respect and have a great deal of affection for, not only as a consummate professional, but as a friend.

Our discussion centered around the topic of organizational culture and how growth influences that culture in either a positive or negative way based upon whether or not the leader of the organization understands the influencing factors involved. The most difficult part of organizational change is helping the workforce understand why the change is necessary and even inevitable, especially if the change is a product of growth. Understanding how such change will influence the culture of the company is critical to ensuring that such change will not only be positive, but ultimately successful.

When the organization is unwilling to adequately prepare the workforce for significant change, (such as broad restructuring), it’s most often because the leadership of the company was in too big of a hurry to complete the task.

When that happens, I always wonder if there was enough vision in the leadership group to plan far enough ahead to consider not only the short-term effects on the workforce, but more importantly, the long-term effects on the culture of the company.

Truth Be Told, people and culture matter the most!

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Maxie Carpenter was formerly Vice President of HR & Talent Development for Wal-Mart Stores. After a 27-year career, he began to pursue a number of other interests, which included alternative education, nonprofits, consulting, writing and public speaking.

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